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7 Ass-Kicking ‘Awesome’ Digital Marketing Ebooks of 2014

book - Mary(n_n)West on FlickrCatching the attention of  buyers is done differently today. In the digital world we live in today, classic interruption marketing is less and less effective.

Applying traditional marketing tactics in the online world doesn’t work.

In your case as a marketing professional, you are constantly looking for insight, trends, best practices and how-to-do stuff. You are blind for advertising, you use Google as your best friend, follow RSS feeds of major marketing blogs, and subscribe to newsletters. Right?

What catches your attention? As digital marketers we are constantly flooded with whitepapers, ebooks, ultimate guides and webinars.

Not all of them are of the same quality.

But sometimes you encounter brilliant, well researched, and extensive ebooks.

In this blog post I want to share some of the best ebooks I have found in 2014. Each and every piece is really useful, practical, visual, and something you want to save on your PC.

With the holiday period coming up, you might have some time to read some of them ;-).

* image by Mary(n_n)West, on Flickr.

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Which Content is Most Relevant to Your Buyers?

yodaProviding enough relevant content to buyers is one of the biggest concerns of marketers today, according to a recent study of CMI.

But how do you know which content is relevant to your buyers?

Showing business value is not differentiating

Building buyer insight is an important activity of marketers, resulting in buyer persona descriptions, or buyer insight maps as I often call them. Based on that buyer insight, content is created that shows the business value of your products or services.

The problem is that your competitors are doing the exact same thing. Read more »


“You have to” versus “You Should” Marketing

marketing patchwork

Are you into “marketing patchwork” ?

You have to do social. You have to do mobile. You have to do content. You have to do inbound. You have to do digital. You have to do blogging. You have to do thought leadership. You have to do SEO. You have to do Apps. You have to do customer experience. You have to do context. You have to do community. You have to do gamification.

You have to be home on time.

You have to do Buyer Personas. You have to do brand journalism. You have to do opt-in. You have to do authenticity. You have to do collaboration. You have to do 1-1. You have to do collaboration. You have to do analytics. You have to do big-data. You have to do automation. You have to do Social CRM. Read more »


Consumer trends that will impact B2B marketing strategies: Prepare for the Visual Tsunami

The Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect– Digital World Championship. The finals...

The Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect– Digital World Championship. The 2013 finals…

Although you might be in B2B marketing, I think you want to know about what’s currently happening in the consumer world. There are definitely some early warning signs of trends that are coming your way…

Communication with motion

Not so long ago, in March 2013 to be precise, Red Bull organized the Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect– Digital World Championship. In this competition, Red Bull uses a Microsoft Kinect.

Wearable technology shows a trends of people wanting to interact with technology.

Wearable technology shows a trends of people wanting to interact with technology.

This is just a first example we all know, of how people interact with technology today. There are more examples: Nike has Nike+, in which a smartphone app logs your exercise activities. You can then share your walking, running, or biking results with your friends on social networks.

They now also developed “Nike Fuelband“: it’s another wearable electronic which looks like a wrist watch. Little lights indicated how much exercise you had that day, indicating if you reached your exercising goals for that day. Read more »