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The Art and Science of Online Content Creation

the art and science of online content creation

da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, a diagram of the ideal proportions of a man’s body.

Knowing how to write for the online world is of strategic importance these days. If you know how to write for the web, your content will be found, and it will be read.

Your content might be fantastic, but if it is not written for the online world, you might as well not create that content.

But how do you create online content that actually gets read?

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The Changing Social Role of Employees.


The Naysayer rockband from Richmond, VA.
(Image Source: Reaper Records)

Employers should expect their employees to be active on social media in the interest of the company. Employees should see this as an inherent part of their job.

The times when “being active on social media” was reserved for the boys and girls “at the marketing department” are gone. Today everyone in the organization has a role to play. Especially people that are somewhere involved close to a customer touch-point.


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The State of Mind of Corporate Decision Makers

corporate decision makers

So are you ? (image source: Tumblr)

Reaching corporate decision makers can be tough.

B2B marketers have a whole arsenal of strategies and tactics to our disposal: buyer persona’s, content, SEA, SEO, event marketing, advertising and social. You name it.

You give yourself 100%, developing the most fantastic message you ever made.

This is it. Now you nailed it. This got to work. It’s perfect. You press the start button of your campaign. And nothing happens. Or hardly anything happens. 2% conversion. 4% conversion. Anybody want more?

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