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Which Content is Most Relevant to Your Buyers?

yodaProviding enough relevant content to buyers is one of the biggest concerns of marketers today, according to a recent study of CMI.

But how do you know which content is relevant to your buyers?

Showing business value is not differentiating

Building buyer insight is an important activity of marketers, resulting in buyer persona descriptions, or buyer insight maps as I often call them. Based on that buyer insight, content is created that shows the business value of your products or services.

The problem is that your competitors are doing the exact same thing. Read more »


How do you become a C-Level Digital Marketer?

C-level digital marketer

RU Ready for C-level?

I was really impressed. On his business card it said “Chief Social Media Officer”. He worked for a rather big, international company.

He told me he was busy with an impressive social media project, and was full of “influencer marketing”, “sentiment analysis” and “advocate” marketing. They were active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.


Just until I asked him how many tweets per week he was getting from customers. Then it became quiet. “Euhh, one or two” he answered. “But we are only starting to be active” he added quietly.

When I checked their Twitter stream just now, their latest Twitter post dated of one month ago. LinkedIn hadn’t been updated the last year, and they had 18 followers on Pinterest.

Everything is difficult in the beginning, you think, and it takes a while to grow a following, right? They had been active for 5 years on Facebook.

And when I check what they publish on online, mainly promotions and news about their own company and products, then it doesn’t surprise me they only have a handful of followers. Read more »


11 Reasons that show you are not yet a real Digital Marketer

digital marketing puppetsI could pull up Wikipedia, but let me quickly translate what most of us understand under the job-title “Digital Marketer”. A digital marketers is someone who wants to influence customers with websites, blogs, video’s but also with online ads, email and social media, so they will choose your brand.

Something like that? I think you agree with me this is close enough as a definition. The exact definition is even not that important at this moment.

Not so long ago Mashable published an infographic about the different types of digital marketing people they see. In that article they visualize “puppets” representing digital marketers who are all good in something: one is the social, the other is the data-person, and yet another is in the “let’s make it pretty” department.

It keeps surprising me that we marketers have such a hard time in selling ourselves, and this article certainly doesn’t help.

Why are digital marketers not busy with what is really important for the company? Read more »