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Designing a Sticky Marketing Funnel

designing a sticky marketing funnel

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Sticky marketing funnels can fix marketing funnel deficiencies or broken funnels. They are designed to do that. But before I explain you how to do that, let me ask you a question.

How well do you understand your marketing funnel? I’m not sure if this is on your mind today. Maybe you’re just to busy. Busy creating ever more stuff. More marketing stuff. Because that’s what people expect from you. Because that’s what you’ve always been doing.

You consider what you do to be a good revenue contributor. And you feel good about it that they work. You might be great in attracting attention to what you have to offer. They might enjoy your marketing. They might like you, follow you, subscribe to you.

But do you “move” your buyers to consider to purchase your products? And how many do not considering you? Do you know why you didn’t move them to consider you? Read more »


When Content Marketing lost its Edge, You Need Something Better

keep-calm-and-find-your-square-rootThere are only so many ways to design an email. So many ways to optimize a landing page. So many tactics to exploit and improve conversion.

Books and blogs each day full of teaching, learn us how to create content. It seems everyone discovered the holy grail which is called content. And thy shall promote aggressively: a zillion of tips-n-trick to ‘aggressively promote’ and ‘amplify on social’ are available behind your mother of content search Google.

What’s the square root of epic content?

We are urged to create ever more epic and great content to break through the conversation clutter. Read more »


Influencing Tribes with Peer to Peer Marketing

peer to peer marketing

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Peers trust peers. Plugged-in marketers know about the Edelman Trust Barometer. But in the end there’s no rocket-science behind this. You, dear blog reader, don’t trust strangers for starters. And people in similar jobs as yours, who have something interesting to say, well… you find them interesting.

CTO’s are connected with their fellow CTO’s. CMO with CMO’s. Middle Management trusts Middle Management.  You could call these circles of people “Tribes.”.

Entering the Tribe as a vendor

The question is: how do you enter that circle as a vendor? How do you enter that circle in an authentic way? In a way which is relevant to the Tribe? In a way that doesn’t damage your reputation as a vendor? Read more »