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Digital Marketing Trends in 2013 – 5 trends you need take very seriously

Digital Marketing Trends

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Last week I attended a marketing event which makes a descent attempt to provide insight into marketing trends of tomorrow.

Although many of these trends are relevant, sometimes they remain a bit fuzzy of what to do with these trends as a marketer…

What do you make of these as a marketer?


As usual, some of this stuff is hype, other stuff is over the top, other stuff is real.

But, if you ask me, these are the trends you DO must take VERY, VERY seriously in 2013: Read more »


Marketing is not a campaign. It’s a commitment.

Marketing is a committment

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We marketers have lost a part of our commitment to our customers. We’re spending more time on campaigns than on making commitment efforts to our customers.

This blog post is about how we should turn that around.

Time sucking campaigning

When B2B marketing strategies are turned into tactics, often marketers turn their attention to running marketing campaigns. Sometimes even multiple campaigns at the same time.

Typically these campaigns are planned extensively, and can be a big time suck. They run for about 2 months, and then it’s time for the next campaign.

Campaigns seem the magic word.

Campaigns seem the only way you can bring our strategies to life. One campaign after the other is going to your customers.

Campaigns have become equal to marketing.

You wish you had a bigger “return on effort”

But deep inside of you, you wish you had a bigger “return on effort”.

I even bet that if you would ask your customer “Did you see my campaign”, the’ll hardly remember it after 3 days.

Your campaign is just a little “blimp” on their radar.

They are stunning “blimps on a radar”… an exercise

Not so long ago, I ran an exercise in which we interviewed a number of our resellers. Read more »


The Concept of INTERNAL Content Marketing for Employees

internal content marketing

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This post explores the idea of using Content Marketing to increase internal efficiency of employees.

Employees of B2B companies are under pressure. Everyday everyone of us must consume a massive amount of content. We need to interpret that content, rework the content, and deliver output to others.

The number of information channels we need to manage is increasing every day. Not only the classic channels like e-mail, phone calls, or paper mailings are putting us under pressure.

Society itself drives us to join the social media networks around us, for private use, but increasingly employees need to be active on professional social networks.

The effect of this to many is an overflow of information, where employees are missing crucial pieces of information which they need to function within the organization, project or strategy.

The concept of INTERNAL content marketing

The basic principle of content marketing is to have methodic approach to understanding the business issues of buyers. It is also about providing insight and answers to their business issues through creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to a clearly defined target audience, with the objective of driving sales.
OK, let’s cut that sentence short : understand buyers, provide answers that help them through content, to sell more.

Everyone in your company has special needs when it comes to content.

They have different interests, and will only listen to what helps them in their daily work. They might see the general broadcast messages of the management that tries to get them aligned with special programs or strategies. But as in many companies, there are so many programs and strategies being communicated that they’ll only listen with “one ear”, or miss it all together.

What if we would apply the principles of content marketing to the benefit of an internal organization?

Read more »