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When Content Marketers Lose Contact With Customers

content marketing

Content marketers behind bars, locked away from customer contact…

When Tammy Cannizzaro, Director of Marketing at IBM, wrote about “The Content Wars“, she talked how increasingly difficult it will become to ignite and connect with your buyers:

  • She talked about how people consume content in a different way. Only the best brands are finding ways to engage prospects by creating exceptional online experiences.
  • Prospects are jaded about marketing, she says. They are target of too much messaging. Only when your content mimics a conversation with your customers you will create meaningful engagement.
  • Only the exceptional will stand out. Your content needs to be relevant, differentiated and compelling.

Although she touches the very basic foundations of what modern marketing is all about, I couldn’t keep thinking about what’s going to happen when everyone is fighting for the attention of that same customer, all with these same tactics. Read more »


The End of the Bling Bling Marketer

bling bling marketerEvery morning the bling bling marketer would go to work. He felt good, as in ‘on top of the world’. He really liked his job. Nice pay, nice colleagues, and he only lived like a few blocks from work. He’s married to his beautiful wife, and has two children, a boy and a girl. Just perfect.

Usually he would start his morning at the coffee machine chatting away, always with a big smile. You could really see he loved his job.

Read more »