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About this blog

Tom De Baere speakingMy passion

Digital technology and the internet has become a transformational element in society.

It took me 15-years to find my true passion, eventually to become someone with a strong vision and clear understanding on how to transform companies to embrace and monetize social and digital interactions, to focus on customers as individuals and enable complete enterprise wide transparency.

Everything I do is focused on the growth and bottom line of a company.

Who I am

I much rather focus on what you need. But here are some words that I feel are right when I need to tell you who I am: Crazy about Digital, Content and Social · Ambitious Goals · Passionate speaker · Methodic Change Manager · Learned to leave my comfort zone · Challenge the status quo · Enthusing People Manager · Pragmatic Execution · Empathic Listener

What I’ve done recently

No long descriptions, just a few words that mean a lot to me: Marketing & Sales Strategy · Though Leadership Enablement · Marketing Communications · Corporate Change Management · Content Marketing Strategy · Social Media Strategy · Global Sales & Marketing Planning · Brand Architecture · Indirect Channel Program · Sales Operations · Corporate Image · International Business · Product Launch · Public Relations (PR) · Customer Relationship Management (CRM) · Marketing Automation

What I can do for you

In the current globalized and digital world it is harder for organizations to reach customers.

I help organizations to be more relevant to the business or lives of their customers, so they become more attracted to your organization. I do that by being your guide to become an organization where everyone embraces digital, content and social. 

Unfortunately many marketing or sales departments see digital, content or social as being silo-responsibilities. I think digital, content and social is the responsibility of everyone within a company. That might sound difficult to do, but I know how to do that. I do that by assessing what needs to be changed, I help you to guide the organization towards making it see how it can change, and help you execute that change to deliver clear business results.

The absolute core of digital marketing, social media or any new type of new media is content marketing. Without a profound understanding of content marketing,  there will be no customer engagement, customer conversation or viral content. Without the right organization, you do not understand what triggers customers, what makes them emotional, what makes them talk. It requires understanding of social currency, usefulness, storytelling, and skills about online publishing, mobile, e-mail, social networking etc.

I focus on the cultural change and change of mindset required to embrace and monetize the new opportunities brought by digital, social and content:

  • Break down the departmental silo’s using evangelization, training, re-organization and new processes, and bring in a broad new culture integration of content, digital and social.
  • Trigger a companywide transformation towards truly being relevant and human to customers beyond the products and services you sell to them.
  • Drive the complete organization to listen and interact with customers on a personal basis
  • Develop de internal content marketing strategy, organization, processes, skills and tooling to monetize from content marketing.


I’m available for presentations, in-house or during conferences. I love to talk about the crossroads of digital marketing, social media , technology and content marketing. Sitting through a boring or off-topic speech is utterly painful. That’s why I like to use stories, humor and interactivity to give presentations that are educational, motivational and entertaining.

When people go home, they should be inspired and take away actionable ideas to improve their business.

Some personal details

Born, raised and living in Belgium (yes, that tiny country close to the UK, France, Holland and Germany). Married and happy father of 3 daughters. Loves windsurfing, but too little time. Struggling to learn kiteboarding.

I am partner in a digital agency called Invisible Puppy. We helps organizations to change, so they can become more relevant to their customers. We do this by helping companies to change towards a culture of content, openness and authenticity, and by introducing new processes, skills and tools that empower the organization and its employees to be trusted by customers.

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