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November 5, 2013


“You have to” versus “You Should” Marketing

by Tom De Baere
marketing patchwork

Are you into “marketing patchwork” ?

You have to do social. You have to do mobile. You have to do content. You have to do inbound. You have to do digital. You have to do blogging. You have to do thought leadership. You have to do SEO. You have to do Apps. You have to do customer experience. You have to do context. You have to do community. You have to do gamification.

You have to be home on time.

You have to do Buyer Personas. You have to do brand journalism. You have to do opt-in. You have to do authenticity. You have to do collaboration. You have to do 1-1. You have to do collaboration. You have to do analytics. You have to do big-data. You have to do automation. You have to do Social CRM.


You should create a vision.

You should show leadership.

You should enthuse people.

You should create change.


Which list do you prefer ? I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Take the short list. It’s much easier. Not because it is a shorter list. But because the long list will be the effect of the short list. Not as patchwork, but as a well understood and well implemented set of changes that positively impact customers, workforce and your company.


Please spread the word and share!


Warm regards,

Tom De Baere