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December 29, 2014

(Slideshare) How to plan & design your social business CULTURE ?

by Tom De Baere

social business cultureA couple of weeks ago I published a blog post with a “way-too-long-title”.

But what the heck, I still decided to call it “How have IBM, Adobe, and Dell become a Social Business? And what can a smaller company learn from them?”.

Sometimes you just need to do what you think you need to do, even when it’s not in line with digital marketing best practices.

Introducing a social business culture

It talks about how IBM, Adobe and Dell have introduced a social businesses culture in their company, and what best practices we can learn from that. These best practices can also be applied at smaller companies, and I described how to do that.

What I didn’t tell you at the time, is that this blog post is derived from a presentation I’ve been using in speaking slots left and right at marketing conferences in Belgium and abroad.

Drivers for a social business culture

It first explains the drivers for a social business culture. Why on earth would we need to become a social business? Can’t we just be who we are today (that’s already difficult enough, doh)? I get you. But in times where the buyer is in control of the buying process, you don’t really have a choice. He’ll research problems, solutions and vendors with everything he can find online. And when he almost made his decision, he’ll contact you.

But only when he trusts you. And how is this trust being build? Ahah. In a social business building trust is done by employees.

No #longread today, only this Slideshare

In the Slideshare, but also in more detail in the blog post, I explained what you need to do to become a social business.

So if you are not into reading #longread blog posts, check out the presentation on Slideshare which I embedded below.


Let me know what you think.

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That’s it for this one. And that’s also ‘it’ for me, on this blog, for this year at least.

Happy Holidays, and CU again in 2015!


Warm regards,

Tom De Baere

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