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December 11, 2012

SEO and Search are useless

by Tom De Baere

Image source: Flickr, @anthonylkdking

Imagine you are perfectly happy with your solution. Imagine that you have a business in which the solution is providing you with a descent return on investment.

There’s no need for you to change.

Now imagine that you are a vendor with a solution that will provide more return than any other existing solution on the market.

You are creating comparisons, providing ROI tools, and doing all the right things to attract buyers with your content.

They are not searching

SEO will not help you, because they are not searching.

When they do search, you are there. But unfortunately, they don’t search, because they don’t need you. They are happy with what they have.

He/She’ll be blind for everything you have to say.

So what do you do?

The perfect world

If they are not searching, they are exploiting their current situation.

They are not aware that there’s something better out there, because basically they don’t have a problem.

But then the day comes.

The day they start being slightly unhappy, and realize that the world they are in, is not perfect. That the solution they have is not perfect.

That day they become receptive. They are willing to listen. And when they are ready to listen, you must be speaking.

When the day has come

Your buyer realizes that there is more out there. He want’s to know more. That’s the day he starts being receptive to e-mails, conference invites, whitepapers and webinars.

That’s the day you need to be there with your message.

How do I know the day has come?

You don’t.

You can only guess.

That’s why you need to be always communicating.

Always creating new ways of venting your knowledge, educating on the subject matter, and showing your expertise.

Combine that with marketing automation. Because that technology is capable of identifying when people have ‘woken up’. Because suddenly they start clicking on one of your e-mails. Or start accepting your webinar invitation.

The vast amount of presence you have on your website, social media networks and offline presence will pay off.

That’s the day you have the lead.


Tom De Baere