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(SlideShare) Trends, Innovations and the Future of Smart Content Marketing

follow the frogConductive Ink, Big ass content, Robot writers, kinetic text motion graphics and marketing apps.

Those sound as the future, but they are not.

Which content marketing trends are on the verge of breakthrough?

Coca Cola, Cisco, Kraft Foods and many more have shown that content marketing is not just a hype type of marketing. For them it is considered modern marketing in todays world where digital and the internet surrounds our buyers.

Facebook has made numerous changes in 2014, ranging from Facebook Zero, and halting “click-bait headlines”  and “like-gating”. Also Google has changed their algorithm with Panda and Hummingbird, and Twitter is preparing itself to start filtering for relevance.

All these social network leaders are implementing measures to make sure the content explosion is not harming their users, by making sure users get relevant and qualitative updates in their newsfeed and search results.

Because of these changes in the digital and social bazaar, content marketing is rapidly becoming the default marketing tactic for the years to come.

But content marketing is changing rapidly, and marketers must go with the flow, and keep experimenting with new tactics, content formats, tools and technology.

This is why I have created a Slideshare presentation to keep you up to date on what’s happening in the land of content marketing! Read more »


The rise of Smart Content Marketing

smart content marketingContent marketing is changing from an art to a science. That’s what I talked about at an event a few days ago.

The event is called Trends Night, and is organized by STIMA, the largest independent marketing industry organization in Belgium.

The event featured a couple of excellent speakers like Bart De Waele (@netlash), Hakim Zemni (Insites Consulting, @hakimzemni), and Norm Johnston (Mindshare, @ntjohnston).

Admittedly, no big international names, but what they said was pretty interesting. You can find their presentations on Slideshare:

And I spoke about:

Content marketing is becoming smart content marketing. And in general, marketing is transforming from an art to a science, or something in the middle if you will. 

Here’s why… Read more »