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August 7, 2012

A practical “power guide” to Video in B2B

by Tom De Baere

Page 3 : Types of video formats you can create

2 Types of Video Formats can be possible:

No questions, only answers

After an nice intro “bumper”, created for each type of video (product, company, technology, customer), immediately the viewer can see the interviewee answering a question, without first hearing the question of the interviewer. In the beginning of the video the name and title of the interviewee + location can be put in subtitle text.

The interviewee starts each sentence with a “hook” so the viewer immediately understands which questions was asked.






The video should also contain a permanent small logo of your company for branding purposes.

e.a. My name is XXX and I work for company YYY.

e.a. The most challenging part of our business is ZZZ.

e.a. An interesting project we have done in 2011 is QQQ.

Q&A format

After the intro “bumper”, the interviewee is welcomed in a warm and personal manner e.a. “Hi John”. The location can be mentioned like ‘Welcome here at tradeshow XXXX’.






Also here, the video should also contain a permanent small logo for branding purposes.

From there, a normal question and answer format is executed, ending with an nice outtro.

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